Saturday, February 20, 2010

Construction update!

Ok what a wonderful update!  We were told by our construction mgr that we need to clear the driveways at the land. they need to be clear this next week because if weather permits the block layers will be there to construct the basement!  Wooohooo finally!!!  So a friend of ours helped us out today to do just that.  We Followed him out on his tractor (he lives just 2 miles from where we are building) and graciously plowed the snow for us….here take a look!

HPIM6217This is us in the truck following him out to the site!


I think this is when he severed the power cord that was running  a heater under the tarp that the block is laying under…….shown next.


There is a heater under hear but we didn’t realize it till we bought the new cord and plugged it in!

the rest of the photos are just me clicking away tickled that they brought out sand and actually shoveled out the snow from atop the footers! 











ok so I will stop boring you now and just say!  We are very blessed with great friends!!! 

The builders are supposed to be out again this next week and the weather man (who I love again) doesn’t seem to think that we will get very much snow from this next storm coming in on Sunday and Monday!  So we will be praying he is right and I will update again if we do indeed get a basement!!! 

Till later~



It's Always Something Around Here said...

Hoping for great weather and lots of progress for you!

AmyD said...

Thanks! We need it after all the delays we have had so far!!!! (*crossing fingers*)


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