Monday, February 1, 2010

Our Trip!~

Wow! What an awesome trip! I just don't know where to start!!! lol Well, I guess the first thing is we left Ohio! I had made arrangements to stay at the Sheraton Hotel on the river at Station Square in Pittsburgh! This is a fabulous hotel and I think they get away with being alittle more expensive due to their location. They are near a lot of restaurants and clubs that you can walk to! Plus they have a little indoor mall type thing.
(picture taken from

We Did many things.....Dave had it pretty much planned (what a sweetie) We went to the Carnegie Science Center. Here are a few highlight pictures!

One place Dave was so stoked about eating at was "Primanti Brother's". Famous place that started back in the 1930's. They serve things that look like this:

(Picture taken from I swear our pictures make them look bigger)

Dave seems to be the only one that was tickled with his meal....I don't think the kids and I could get past the place being sooo cold we were playing with our breaths! LOL But it was something we can say we did and that is where all the fun comes in!
That night we spent a few hours in the Borders book store by the fireplace. Jess was in heaven looking at all the Anime books and Dave, Jake and I sat by the fire to read our favorite magazines and I found a couple books I will have to share with you later called
"Skinny B**ch"..........yup couldn't even bring myself to type it out!!!! LOL Look for that review in a few days!!

Oh we also took the kids up The Duquesne Incline! They had never been on them before (we had), so we suffered through the cold and went up......then immediately straight back down!!! BRRRRRRR!!!
After a great night we topped it off Sunday morning by experiencing the most awesome worship service I have yet been apart of at the Allegheny Center Alliance Church! All I can say is AWESOME!!!!!! If you ever get the chance you need to go there!!!!
On our way home we stopped by the ever popular Cabellas!

All in all we have a very tremendous weekend! It is nice we are able to enjoy things like this with the kids while they are still young enough for us to "make" them go....LOL I couldn't ask for better traveling partners. Dave and I even made it back in time to get our dance lesson in! (will enclude that fun in another post as well!!!)

Please share a comment on what your favorite weekend get away has been with your tribe!!

Till Later~


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