Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sure cuts Alot (cricut)

Ok so like in one of my previous post I was telling you about the wonderful lady that gifted me with her smaller Cricut machine. And how I needed to buy a cartridge for it! Well that cartridge came yesterday and works fabulously!!!~ I think I paid right around $25 for it off eBay…..look here:



So, me being the coupon “not want to pay for anything” girl I am , I started to research how I could minimize cost when using this machine with increasing what it would do for me!!! LOL I know I know Cheap Skate!!!! right? Well I found a software called

“Sure Cuts Alot”

you can purchase it here for a reduce price of $69.95. (just click on link above) I have also found a great lady from

She breaks it all down for you and give you hints and tips on how it all works. I found a video of hers on that really gives you the run down and I have embedded it below. But be sure to give her site a drive thru and there is so much info there as well as even more video tutorials on!!!

So happy CRICUT’ing!!!!!!

Till Later~


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