Tuesday, February 9, 2010

another what????

OMG another 'snow' day for the kids? Am I dreaming? I hope you all can bare with me for a few lines........AAAARRRGGGHHHHHH!
Ok Ok so its no big deal the kids have yet another snow day...I know this! and you know this! But I feel we are going to have a nervous breakdown.......mmmmmm can 15 and 14 year olds have them? Well I think they are close.
If you are just joining me or visiting for the first time let me recap for you our situation:

1. We are a very happy and "Fully Blessed" family of 4
2. We have 3 wonderful pets (Buddy - american fox hound, Cali- calico cat, jasmine- tiger cat)
3. We sold our house in October and moved out the 15th....
TO A BOX!!!!!!
900 glorious square feet of BLISS! ......NOT!
Don't get me wrong, I am very thankful we have a roof over our heads but we are feeling a little cooped up! coming from almost 3200 sq feet of room.
4. oh did I mention we are building a house????
5. did I mention that the weather is delaying said building of a house???
6. did I mention we are living in an apartment?
7. can you tell I am "fully frustrated"?????

Where's my Xanax???????

ok ok calmed down now......let me rant for just a few moments.....
I think I know why I am a little on edge.......

2 feet of counter space
1 bathroom for all
laundry room??? YEAH RIGHT!!!! *rolling eyes*
pots and pans stored on top of kitchen cabinets
building papers scattered all over
office in too small bedroom
kids sharing a room (yes boy and girl)
did I mention 3 pets?

I feel like such a whiner! But having your belonging scattered in 3 different storage buildings (not in the same location), the weather, and then feeling cooped up is getting a little old!
like I said before we are "fully blessed" and God is so good to us! I think I just needed to vent and want to thank you for listening!
But I need your help!

I need ideas on fun things to do in or out of "THE BOX"........we are running out of ideas!!!! leave commments for us! Love to hear from you!

Till Later~


Tammy said...

Amy, You are hilarious! I love reading your blog!
I can't even imagine living in a 2 bedroom apartment with a family of 4 and pets! Just keep focusing on the end result of this! What doesn't kill us makes us stronger! Lol!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

just found you through sits and signed on to follow. we have tons of snow and a lot more coming. stop by and see my pics when you have time and sign up for my giveaway if you are interested! get your kids to put on a [lay. it can take them hours to practice and put together costumes!!!

AmyD @halfbakedcafe.blogspot.com said...

Tammy, Thanks for stopping by. I love to blog and love the connect with other women! Best friends a girl can have are blogger! (both writers and followers!) I was thinking more of ...what does not kill us will certainly kill those around us....LOL just kidding!
Thanks again

AmyD @halfbakedcafe.blogspot.com said...

Jaz, Thanks hun for the idea on a play I will have to mention it or somehow make it sooooo cool for them to get out of the rut of depression and try the idea!!! lol I have to work tomorrow so maybe they will want to do something like that ......let them raid my closet while I am not here....OH MY! I have been wanting new clothes!!! LOL I will certainly stop by your sight soon!
Thanks again girl!

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