Thursday, February 4, 2010

Construction update!~

Well I was at the land yesterday and I took some more pictures. It looks like they got all the footers in place and have covered them with alot of straw! The Porta potty is in place and sump pump installed (the first one). It is so nice to actually see some progress. But I have to admit this might stall for a few days due to the 6" of freezing rain and snow that is expected this weekend! ARGH! But at least they got the footers in!!!!

So now I am drowing in paint samples but am narrowing them down alittle more each day! I did one in Sherwin Williams "macademia". Anyone have this in there house they would like to share??

Anyways here are some more contstruction pics......(I never get tired of them!!~)

Till later~


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