Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Have you seen my marbles?

Ok I have officially lost my marbles!! This was the scene yesterday on my stove. As if it couldn't get any worse right?
( I mean the piles of snow outside and my basement block that so desperately wants to grow up to be a basement being under
3 foot of it)
well it did. The water in our little 900sq ft box went away. Where you ask? Not real sure but I am pretty sure it
was a local water main break. They actually fixed it in record time but I had had enough! The kids were offered to go
sledding and I had the "Box" to my self for a few hours and I was determined to clean.........so I melted snow on the

So while I go look for my marbles leave me some comments on what you have had to during this seasons
winter blessing!!! hee hee

Till Later~


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