Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Shouldn't be this hard!~ HELP!

ok just going to say this once..........how hard should it be to pick out wall colors for new house??? ARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!! I am going to give you some pics of things we picked out for new house and then a few paint swatches...............I need some serious help!!! Please Please Please leave me comments on what to do!!!!!!!! lol The paint isle is like the feminine isle at walmart!!! TOO many choices!!!!!! LOL

Kitchen cabinets: Maple Landen in "rouge"
wilson art HD in "deepstar bronze"

wood flooring with kitchen cabinet (not sure what color)

This is possibly the fireplace color (me holding)
tile work and mushroom grout
with "sand pebble" carpet

4 COLOR SAMPLES: (so far)

Ok these are 4 current colors:
they are "mississippi mud" , "spiced chai", "oat straw" and "Antique Red".
all by Behr so far. I am not settled on any of them except "oat straw"
that will be the kitchen, 2 walls in dining, foyer and stairwell and 1 wall in frontroom.
This is Missippi mud and oatstraw. kitchen and frontroom???
what do you think? This is the couch (kinda olive colored) that will be
in the front room.
Here is what the kitchen colors looked like outside in the natural light~

OK suggestions please!! oh one more thing the spiced chai is just going to be one wall (behind our bed) in the master bedroom!
Kitchen appliances are going to be black as well as downstairs doors (4 total)

Till Later~


Amy Dalrymple said...

I think the red is too red. I am leaning towards the "spanish red" from Benjamin Moore paints.

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Oh how funny! Great minds think alike! :) I'm so glad you share my paint selection woes :) I really like all the colors you've shown on here -- but I'm probably the LAST person you want advice on paint colors from :)

Amy Dalrymple said...

yeah I am thinking the orange and red need to be more "BURNT" , does that make sense? and I am thinking the olive or darker color "mississippi mud" is too dark! ARGH! LOL have to laugh the paint chips taking over my life right now are crazy!

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